Why a few kids are still dying from childhood leukemia

Children are still being diagnosed with leukemia and other childhood cancers.But in some cases, parents are being told they have to wait years or even decades before seeing their child.The latest news on childhood leukemia is in the AP’s “Child and Adolescent Health” section.It was written by AP science and technology reporter Scott Belsky and […]

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How to help a child’s parents learn more about their child’s education

The government has set up a website where parents can access data on the education outcomes of their children, which is part of the Government’s efforts to improve child education.The site is a “specialised toolkit”, which will allow parents to identify how well their children are performing in school and to compare the results of […]

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The world’s biggest child psychologist has been accused of child abuse and is now facing child protection charges in the US

Posted October 05, 2018 06:07:18 The head of a child psychologist is facing child abuse charges in Australia and the US.The man, known as “Dr. J”, is accused of abusing children and sexually abusing them, in his office at a clinic in Sydney’s west, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.The allegations have not been made […]

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How to build your own child education company in a week

Children can be trained to help teach technology and online skills.With the right help, they can teach a computer to read the email.Or, they could use a simple app to help them understand a speech or a sentence.But how many kids are using these services and learning new skills?A new study from The Economist finds […]

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How to raise children in the UK

Children in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, are increasingly at risk of undernutrition, malnutrition, undernutrition-related disease and other health conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).In the UK, children under the age of five are most likely to be stunted, with one in five children being underweight.Children who are severely […]

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