How to use the Child Education logo for the Google Play Store

In addition to the child education logo, Google has also made it easy to use its own child education icon.

The child education widget icon appears next to any child education app in the Google Store.

It shows a list of children and how many are enrolled in the app.

There’s also a small icon with a child’s name at the bottom of the screen.

Google doesn’t provide a full explanation for how the child school logo works, but the company did tell The Verge that it’s based on a visual representation of the shape of a child, and the child’s age and gender.

“The icons are based on the shape and color of the child, so if you’re a child and you see a child education application, it’s because you’re an adult,” Google told The Verge.

“If you’re not an adult, the icon would be a baby.”

Google’s app icons also show the child and gender of the children.

You can’t change the icon color, but you can add the name and age of a kid.

It’s not clear how long it takes for Google to process a child ID.

Google has also put a child icon on the left-hand side of its search results page, but it’s not the same icon that’s shown in the search results.