Kids get the most in the US school year, but the data is mixed

More than half of all children in the United States go to public schools this year, according to the latest federal data.

In addition to attending public schools, kids are required to participate in sports, play in clubs, and complete an enrichment program.

But the data also suggests that kids may not be getting the full educational benefit of school.

In fact, the most popular reason kids are not getting the most is the amount of homework they do, according the data released Friday.

The average number of homework completed per student was 7.1, compared to 7.7 for high school seniors, 8.4 for college-aged kids, and 8.9 for students who attended college.

That means kids spend far less time studying in school compared to high schoolers, the federal data shows.

However, there is one caveat: the data doesn’t show how much time kids spend doing homework each day.

Researchers said they would like to better understand how much homework parents spend on their kids, especially those who are on track to graduate.

“This study gives us a very good sense of how much effort a kid spends on schoolwork, but we don’t know if that is really accurate,” said Andrew Kiehl, an associate professor at the University of California, San Diego, and co-author of a study published last year.

In the new study, Kiehls and his colleagues examined the hours of homework students completed each day and the amount they spent doing that work, as well as how much the school districts reported on the amount spent.

The data showed that about 42 percent of the kids in the study completed at least 10 hours of schoolwork per day, the highest amount they completed.

That is compared to just 14 percent of high school kids and 9 percent of college-age kids.

The remaining 14 percent spent at least 1 hour of school work per day.

But that is only part of the picture, Kieslson said.

The researchers also examined the number of teachers who were paid to help kids get through school and how much that money was spent.

It turns out that a big portion of teachers is actually paid for time that is spent in school, not schoolwork.

According to the report, about 10 percent of all teachers in the U.S. were paid at least $60 per hour.

That compares to 3 percent for high-schoolers and 2 percent for college students.

For high school students, about 37 percent of teachers were paid more than $150 per hour, compared with just 6 percent for school kids.

About 10 percent spent more than about $200 per hour per teacher.

Kiehl said he thinks that is a lot more than we need to know about the true amount of work kids are doing.

The study shows that kids who do homework have an average of just 1.5 hours per day of school, compared for high schools and college-ages.

The researchers said the study doesn’t address whether parents are spending more time on school and less on homework, because the data does not include the time teachers spend on classroom visits.

In a previous study, they found that parents spent almost all of their time on homework.

The new study focuses on how much work kids actually do, and the type of work that they do.

The authors said they also looked at whether teachers were getting enough pay to make ends meet.

But that may not necessarily be the case, because many schools don’t track how much teachers earn.

If parents are getting less money than they thought they were getting, then that could be an indicator of kids not being spending enough time on their homework, Kielsons said.

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