Children need better education, better care

Children need more education, more care, more support, better education care and more support child care, child care care and education.

It’s the recommendations of a report by the Institute for Child Education Research that are central to the reform of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for the National College of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (NCCAP) and the National Child Care Agency (NACDA).

The report calls for an increase in funding for education and care for children and an overhaul of the National Curriculum to be made.

The NCCAP said in a statement that the report highlighted that the best way to improve the quality of education and child care for young people was to give them better support and help them become more independent, independent thinkers and more confident.

“The report identifies the importance of improving the quality and scope of support for young children and their families, which can include supporting their independence, self-confidence, emotional well-being and learning outcomes,” the NCCPA said.

“The NACA has long-established standards and guidelines for providing care and support for children, and it is important for the NACA to follow them, and we commend the report for making such a strong statement.”

The NACDA said in the report that the NCEP had previously highlighted the importance to support children’s mental health and wellbeing, and that it would take a broader approach to ensure that every child has the right support, including for parents.

A number of key recommendations were set out in the NCA report, including:The NCA has said it will make an additional $30 million available to the NAC, which will help improve the services for young carers and support people to become more successful in the workforce.

It also announced a $15 million fund to support organisations and individuals in the area of child care.

The NCDAA said it is working to improve care and carers services across the country, and will be launching an online consultation on the next stage of the reform to be launched later this year.

The report is due to be presented to the National Advisory Council on Child Care in September.