California teachers’ union says state must pay $2 million to cover costs of computers

Parents of California high school students in the city of Riverside say they have been left to pick up the tab for computers, school supplies and other supplies.

The Riverside Unified School District told The Associated Press on Tuesday that it will pay $1 million for computer and video-game supplies.

The district also says it will help students in need pay for books and supplies.

It says it hopes to make a profit on the computers and games that have been donated by schools.

But parents of high schoolers in the Riverside Unified District say the district is taking advantage of the state’s $2 billion school aid program.

They say they are angry because their children are not getting the computers they need to study and learn.

Some of the school supplies have been given to students in other states, like New York and California, and they need them because they have special needs, including the need to play video games.

We are just trying to get them back,” said parent Lacey Fazio.

She says she was unable to get a refund on the equipment she had donated.

The state has reimbursed nearly $1 billion in state aid for students.

But some parents say the system is not working and say the money could be better spent on services and supplies for their children.

The state is not reimbursing the district for the costs of equipment it does not have, and it is not providing funds to help teachers.

Riverside Unified Schools Superintendent Ron Perna said the district plans to make money from selling toys and games to children, but he says that’s not what’s happening.

He says the district will pay teachers who donate their time, and he is working with school districts to find ways to distribute funds more effectively.

We have been able to get some money in some places and we are not spending that money on what we have been doing,” Pernasaid.

“We are trying to find new ways to make some money from what we’ve been doing.”

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