When kids are kids, kids can be taught to fight

The United States has a reputation as a nation of warlords and killers.

But what if children can learn to be soldiers?

That is the question being asked in a pilot program that aims to help children learn to fight in the United States.

The program, which was launched by the Defense Department in April, is designed to help schools prepare children for the armed forces, while also preparing them to become adults.

It is a concept that was once dismissed as the stuff of science fiction, but with a new generation of children, it is a realistic possibility.

The new initiative is called the War on the Children and is part of a broader push by the Obama administration to expand the role of children in the armed services.

A military recruiter at the U.S. Army Academy in Fort Benning, Ga., teaches a military recruit about combat.

The military says it will begin using the military’s new initiative to train troops in the role by 2020.

It has also begun training cadets and junior officers.

While the program is still in its infancy, it has the potential to have a positive impact.

The government will provide about $10 million in funding to help pay for the training, according to a Defense Department press release.

The money is part, along with the training funds, of a $2.2 billion initiative to create a national adult military.

The program was developed to address the growing demand for military skills and training in schools, with schools hoping to attract more military recruits to the U-S Army, which has a high rate of attrition.

About 4.4 million of the approximately 6 million active-duty military members in the U,S.

are adults.

In 2015, the Army said it had about 10,000 recruits available to enlist, while there were about 2,000 active-duties waiting to enlist.

There are currently about 1.4 to 2 million young men, women and children in private schools, according the U:S.

Department of Education.

The programs are being developed by the Pentagon’s Education and Military Families Directorate and the National Center for Education Statistics, and will be funded by the Department of Defense.

“Our mission is to build and sustain the Army’s ability to sustain itself through the use of education to train and prepare soldiers, train the next generation of leaders, and support our nation’s military readiness,” Lt.

Gen. John W. Thomas, commander of the Army National Guard, said in a statement.

“We are working to ensure that our Army is able to meet our national and global challenges.”

The military will provide funding to schools to help students learn the skills required to be a soldier.

Teachers, counselors and administrators will be able to train soldiers in the roles of soldiers, and parents and students will be encouraged to take the time to visit military schools, where they will be trained in how to deal with children and other civilians.

Schools will also have to prepare for the possibility that children will be deployed into combat and become combatants.

In a written statement, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that children in their first year in school are “likely to be involved in conflict, to be the primary targets of gunfire, and to become soldiers, as the primary mission of military service is to protect the nation.”

“The program will enable our troops to develop the skills necessary to be able in the future to lead and lead effectively, while building a sense of belonging and belonging among our people,” he added.

According to the Army, about 1,000 children will participate in the program, with about 40 percent of the total number of students expected to attend military academies.