The world’s top children’s charities – interview

1 of 1 children’s organizations will be recognised by the World Health Organisation in 2018, which could mean more funding for those organisations that provide educational services.

The WHO’s children’s organisation category is designed to recognise organisations that work to improve the health and well-being of children, and is set to be recognised this year.

The group includes the International Federation of the Red Cross, World Vision, CARE and Save the Children.

This is the second year in a row that the WHO will recognise an international children’s charity.

In 2017, the group was recognised for its work with refugees in Jordan.

The new WHO child education category will be announced on Monday, and will be based on the latest available data.

“Children’s charities and international organisations are vital for improving the lives of children and adults around the world,” said Margaret Chan, WHO’s chief child development officer.

“This is a significant milestone for the world’s children and their advocacy, as well as for the UN, which is committed to helping the world reach a universal standard of child development.

The recognition of child education charities is a great way to give support to our work in this area.”

Child education organisations provide a range of educational and recreational services to children, including helping to develop literacy, numeracy, health and hygiene skills, and language and numeracy skills.

The world will be able to see the impact these organisations are having on the lives and health of children when the WHO children’s organization category is officially announced at the end of the year.

Child education has long been a priority for the WHO, and has been a key part of its mission to address the global health challenges posed by child poverty, malnutrition and undernutrition.

More than a quarter of children under five in developing countries live in extreme poverty, according to the World Bank.More:More:

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