Which state will become the first to raise its minimum wage?

The US is likely to become the next state to raise the minimum wage, with a bill expected to be signed by the president on Wednesday.

The measure is expected to boost the wages of thousands of hourly workers at fast-food restaurants and fast-casuals and increase the wages for salaried workers.

The bill will also help make more Americans eligible for food stamps.

A number of states have also raised their minimum wage and now offer the same benefits to their workers.

The US has seen some big wins in recent months.

On December 1, Washington became the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage for fast- food workers.

This came after a federal judge blocked a state from raising the wage.

The new bill will now take effect on January 1, 2018.

The wage increase has been welcomed by some fast-nimble states.

The minimum wage in New York is currently $7.25 an hour.

A federal judge in September ruled that the state had to pay $15 an hour to fast-track the legislation.