The world’s biggest child psychologist has been accused of child abuse and is now facing child protection charges in the US

Posted October 05, 2018 06:07:18 The head of a child psychologist is facing child abuse charges in Australia and the US.

The man, known as “Dr. J”, is accused of abusing children and sexually abusing them, in his office at a clinic in Sydney’s west, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The allegations have not been made public, but he is facing allegations of abusing more than 20 children and has been ordered to stay away from children for a year.

Dr. J is the president of the Australian Pediatric Society (APS), and a board member of the Society of Pediatric Child Psychologists.

The APS has said that Dr. James has been suspended from the organisation.

The Sydney Morning News said that the charges come after the ABC contacted the AAPS to ask for an interview with Dr. K.K. and asked for its records on child psychologists.

The AAPS told the ABC that it was unable to comment on any specific allegations, but that it had a “robust” policy of protecting the privacy of its members.

The ABC understands that Dr K. K was the president for two years before being suspended.

“I would like to make it very clear to the public, Dr. Dr K is not involved in any clinical practice at the moment, and has not been in the position of chair of the APS for more than two years,” the APA said in a statement.

The Australian Pediatrics Society (APS) said that it is “deeply troubled” by the allegations, which are being investigated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the NSW Police.

“The APS does not tolerate the exploitation of children and will do everything possible to ensure that the full truth is known and that there is no repetition of this offence,” the society said.

“We are deeply troubled by the allegation of child sexual abuse that is being investigated and we will do whatever we can to ensure justice is achieved for those who have suffered as a result.”

The Australian National University (ANU) says that it has spoken to Dr. G.C. and will investigate further.

The ANU has also contacted Dr. B.A. and Dr. C.C., both of whom are members of the American Association for Pediatric Psychology (AAP).

The AAP is a professional organisation that is dedicated to helping families with special needs children.

In a statement on its website, the AAP said that a “recent investigation has identified a child in Australia who has been sexually abused.”

“This case will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken by the AAP,” it added.

The child has not yet been identified.

The woman who alleges abuse is in her early 20s, said that she was forced to have sex with him in a bathroom and on a massage table.

She also alleged that he sexually assaulted her.

She said that after the abuse, she went to the police, but the police were too busy and could not do anything about the abuse.

“It’s been so long that I have forgotten everything and I am very scared to go to a police station because they won’t help me,” she said.

The victim has since moved to another location.

“They told me that they had been unable to pursue charges because of the amount of time that it took, but I am terrified of coming to court again,” she told the newspaper.

Dr G. C is the head of the Pediatric Psychologist Group at the University of Western Australia, and the APSA’s president.

“Dr G is a licensed psychologist, registered with the Australian Psychological Society, and he has a very rigorous code of ethics and standards for conduct,” the AAPSA said.

A spokesperson for the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (ANHMC) said it was aware of the allegations.

“Any allegation of inappropriate sexual behaviour will be investigated,” the spokesperson said in an email to the ABC.

The spokesperson added that it did not have a comment on the matter.

The NSW Police said in its statement that it would “immediately commence an investigation and ensure that any appropriate action is taken”.

The APSA said that while it was “deep” affected by the incident, it was working with the police and would “continue to cooperate with any inquiries”.

The organisation is not commenting on the details of the investigation, saying only that it will “implement appropriate action.”

The APA has a board of members and is based in the United States, where the organisation has a national reputation.

“APA members have the highest standards and we value and support the leadership of our members, who serve our community with a great sense of dignity and respect,” the organization said in 2017.

“Members also maintain professional standards and work to support their colleagues and ensure the safety of the members and their families.”

The organisation says that its ethics policy is to support “those who have been