How to Raise a Child in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, children are expected to play, listen to music and participate in sports at an early age.

But the government has made some changes to the curriculum that will change the way they learn.

In order to be a good citizen, children in Bangladesh need to learn math, reading and English.

They also need to be disciplined, with strict discipline.

But a study by the International Center for Research on Gender Equality (ICRE) found that girls outperform boys on standardized tests.

The ICRE also found that the percentage of boys in primary school is lower than the percentage in the secondary school.

A study by a Bangladeshi nonprofit group, The Bangladesh Human Development Commission, found that boys were more likely to be abused and raped than girls.

Read more about Bangladesh:The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education (OSEE) has started a pilot program in Bangladesh that will assess the impact of gender-specific curriculum changes.

This pilot will help to assess the effect of curriculum changes in primary and secondary schools on students and children.

The pilot will be run in schools in four Bangladeshas, including Dhaka, Dhaka Metropolitan, Dhakwa and Kolkata.

The program will test the impact on children of changes to curriculum.

The U.N. Children’s Fund is funding the project.

The first three tests will be completed in July.

A final test is scheduled for September.

The study found that students were more aware of gender inequality in the country.

The U!s report found that, “girls outperform girls in math and in English in the second year of the program, while boys outperform in math in the first year.”

The U!.s report also said that the gender gap in school performance is greater for girls than boys.