NFL player on child education: ‘I would not let my kids go to the same school’

Former NFL player Michael Sam, who is also a Christian, is considering dropping out of high school to focus on education, his family told ABC News.

Sam, 17, told ABC that he was inspired by his Christian faith to study education and to take up an internship with a Christian-based child development organization, The Christian Child Development Center.

He said he will teach and coach his own children, and will help others to do the same.

Sam is a sophomore at St. Louis’ St. John Fisher High School.

He is a former football player for the St. Francis (N.Y.)

Rams, who was selected first overall in the 2016 NFL draft.

He will be attending the Christian Child Education Center, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York.

Sam’s family said he is considering attending a Christian high school in New York to help raise money for his education.

Sam said he has not decided where he will enroll.

His family is hoping to start a foundation for his children.

In his latest interview with The Associated Press, Sam said he’s “very committed” to education and that his parents, Rick and Cindy, are encouraging him to do so.

They said they want to raise money to help Sam get an education.

Cindy Sam told the AP she believes she has a “bigger heart” than her son.

She said she has never given up on him, and that she has “always stood by him and will always stand by him.”

Cindi Sam told ABC she thinks the “biggest thing” for her son is that he wants to be a better person.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him act the way he does,” she said.

“He’s been really committed.

I know I’m not alone in that.

He has a lot of friends.

I think that’s really important to him.”

Sam told the Associated Press he plans to attend the center’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida, next month.