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A child education industry expert has warned of a serious economic risk if the Coalition government does not implement its ambitious plans to increase funding to schools.

Key points:Schools are currently eligible for $3.8 billion in extra funding under the new education planThe Government is spending $1.6 billion on new teacher training and $500 million to hire new staff to improve teaching qualityThe Government will fund more than 4,000 teachers to hire to improve the quality of education, according to the Department of Education.

The Government has set aside $3 billion to fund teachers and training in schools, with $500m being spent on new staff and $1bn to hire more teachers.

The funding is intended to increase the number of full-time teachers by more than 200,000 over four years, from 2,200 to 3,000.

But the plan does not include funding for the teachers themselves, the head of the Australian School Teachers Association (ASTA) and the head the Australian Council of School Principals (ACSPC).

Both said they were concerned about the impact the Government’s plan would have on teaching quality and safety.

“It is important to note that the $1 billion that the Government is announcing for the funding of schools is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the full-scale roll out of the education reform package, and is not all of it,” Mr McGlashan said.

“I think that we should be concerned about what we do know about how it will impact on the quality and the safety of our schools.”

Mr McGlas, who has also spoken out against the Government funding for schools, said the money would not be enough to meet the cost of training new teachers.

“The funding would only be sufficient to cover a small percentage of the full training and certification requirements of new teachers,” he said.”[But] there are a lot of people who are looking for a job who are going to be trained in the sector.”

Mr MacLellan said the Government was “unable to afford” the training required to support all of the new staff, as well as the salaries of those who had been trained.

“We have had the opportunity to have a very intensive and high-quality education system, but it has been over budget for the last decade,” he told the ABC.

“So we are in a situation where we are actually losing the ability to invest in our schools.”

If we continue to take on this additional burden of funding for a decade, we are going the other way on education.

“Education Minister Simon Birmingham has said the plan is designed to create more high-performing teachers.

Mr McGillis warned that the funding for new teachers would not cover the cost to train them.”

They are not going to have the skills, they are not trained,” he argued.”

And the skills will be there for them, but they will be trained to do it in a way that we are unable to provide the training they need.


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