A new report claims there’s no evidence of climate change in America

When it comes to the topic of climate denial, the American public is split.

According to a new survey, 46 percent of Americans say climate change is not a major problem and 41 percent say it is.

The other half say it’s a big problem.

The survey by the University of Michigan found that Americans are split over whether they believe in man-made climate change.

That is in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe in climate change, according to the poll.

But when it comes down to the question of whether it’s happening, the Americans seem to have a different view.

Only 32 percent of respondents said climate change was a major issue, according the poll, while 41 percent said it was not.

Americans also aren’t sure how to feel about the science of climate.

The poll found that only about half of respondents believe in the theory of evolution, with about one-third saying they don’t believe in it.

That’s a sharp contrast to Americans overall.

More than two-thirds of respondents in the poll said they believed in evolution, according.

The American public appears to be divided over whether it believes in manmade climate changes.

About half of Americans believe manmade global warming is a major threat, while 44 percent don’t.

The rest of the public is evenly split between the two.

But a majority of those who don’t see climate change as a major concern said they believe the planet is warming.

When it came to whether they believed the Earth was getting warmer, 45 percent said yes, and 45 percent were unsure.

About a quarter of respondents who said they don’ t believe climate change exists believe that humans are contributing to climate change by burning fossil fuels.

A majority of respondents were unsure whether the climate change theory is supported by the scientific community.

And the poll found a sizable majority of Republicans say that climate change has no impact on their decision to vote.

Americans are also split over the extent to which the American economy is improving.

About two-fifths of respondents thought the economy was improving, while a majority said it is not.

The remainder said they are not sure.

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