God is Watching: A God of the Bible

“God is watching!” is a phrase frequently found in the New Testament.

 As one of the most famous and most powerful words in the English language, the phrase is used to describe the presence of God in the Bible.

When Jesus was asked why he would ask God to intervene, Jesus answered, “I do not know, my Father is not pleased.”

In fact, the Bible says that Jesus was not asking God to do anything.

Instead, Jesus said, “You know, it seems to me that when a man sees his brother in a dream, he sees his neighbor as well.

He knows he has seen him and loves him as he loves himself.

And that is what is so great.”

God is not a stranger.

He is present in the world.

God is with us, but God is not always with us.

This is the reason Jesus said that we are with him.

When we are not with God, then we can’t be with Him.

As God is with me, so is God with you.

God does not want us to be in pain.

God does not allow us to experience pain.

God does his will, and we must obey.

God gives us purpose, and if we can keep this, God will be happy with us and we will not be with him anymore.

The Scriptures teach us that we must give everything that we have to God.

Our job is to obey God.

We cannot have anything to do with anyone else.

If we can live in this world without having to obey anyone, then our lives will be blessed.

That’s the message of this passage in the Gospel of John.

“The one who does not obey the Lord will be in danger.

The one who obeys the Lord is blessed.”

We must keep God in mind when we talk about God. 

The word that is most often used to express the presence and love of God is love. 

As the Bible teaches us, love is God’s very highest law.

Love is unconditional, unconditional love.

We do not have to do something to please God.

Love is unconditional love and God is always with you, always watching over you, giving you strength and strength of character. 

If you have questions about the Bible, then please consult the links provided below to help you understand what the Bible has to say.

The Bible is an inspired word of God, and it is our responsibility to obey it. 

I can’t stress this enough: the Bible is not just another book.

It is the very word of the Almighty.

If we follow it, then everything else will be easy.

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