Parents are demanding to know why their child is not learning to read

Parents are angry after their child’s teacher failed to teach them to read a book about the history of the West in a bid to improve their childs learning.

The children’s school in Kailash, a village in the state of Tamil Nadu, has come under criticism for failing to properly educate its students about the book The West.

The book, The West: History and Politics in the New World, was written by the historian and former New York Times columnist Thomas Mann.

In it, Mann describes the rise and fall of European colonialism and the rise of fascism in Europe, and discusses the influence of the book on American history.

In the first edition, Mann says the history was written “in order to serve as a template for teaching Western civilisation”.

The teacher’s decision to omit the text from the class, despite its importance to students, has sparked a public outcry.

The childrens school, which teaches primary school children from the age of seven, said in a statement that it was “a difficult decision for the children’s team to take”.

“The children’s teacher is a person of integrity and compassion.

We are deeply upset that she did not teach the children the history and politics of the United States and the history lessons would have helped them better understand the role of the US in world history,” the statement said.

The teacher was also found guilty of “abusive behaviour”, which could have led to disciplinary action against her.

“The parents and other parents of the children of the school have written to the teacher and we are awaiting her reply.

If she denies or apologises for this incident, we will be prepared to take appropriate action against the teacher,” it said.

Teachers have also written to Chief Minister O Panneerselvam demanding action against teachers who do not teach history and civics in the class.

“The parents have also lodged a complaint with the district police against the school authorities,” said P V Raghavendra, secretary, Panchayat Kannada Samiti, which is affiliated with the Kannadiga All India Congress Committee (KACJC).

The principal of the Kailas primary school, Gyanavalli Natarajan, told The Hindu that the principal had informed the school’s superintendent, who has the authority to suspend teachers.

“I have informed the superintendent of the district.

They will investigate the matter.

If there is any wrongdoing, we are prepared to act against the principal,” he said.

He said he would also send the complaint to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Education.

Meanwhile, the head of the local administration, the Kanchipuram district magistrate, said the teachers had been given “clear instructions” by the school board.

“We will have the details of the incident,” he told The Indian Express.

“I will take a call from the district superintendent and give them a clear statement.”

A Kannamiga leader told The Times of India that he was “furious” at the teachers decision to teach the history book.

“What they are teaching children is a textbook of racism and colonialism.

It is not good.

They should have taught them how to read the book,” the leader said.