Which countries offer the best child education degree?

Some of the best places for a child education program are in the Middle East, South America and Asia, according to an analysis of data from the Child Development Index, a research project by the Johns Hopkins Center for International Education and the Brookings Institution.

The study also looked at how well child care facilities were functioning and whether children lived with their families.

The index, based on the number of children in each country, has been updated annually since 2004.

The 2017 index shows that while Israel is ranked as the best place for child education, only a handful of countries are better.

In the Middle West and North Africa, the rankings are more balanced: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey all top the list.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, Chile is No. 1 and Brazil is No 2.

However, the report notes that the rankings can be volatile because many countries have no data about their child care policies.

The index, compiled by the Brookings Education Program, an independent research group, measures how well children are doing in school, health and other areas.

It measures the degree to which children are getting access to services like health care and primary and secondary education.

Israel ranked third overall, with an average score of 9.2.

Saudi Arabia came in second, with a score of 8.7.

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates came in third and fourth, respectively, with scores of 8 and 8.2, respectively.

The United Kingdom and United States were ranked eighth and ninth, respectively with an 8.9 and 8, respectively score.

The report’s authors noted that Israel has one of the lowest rates of infant mortality among Middle Eastern countries, as well as one of best child care programs.

However, the study also found that the child care industry in Israel is still a highly regulated industry, with some companies operating under local and state supervision.

This may account for the low rankings in the index.

The top-ranked country, the United States, has some of the most restrictive child care laws, the authors noted.

In 2017, the number and type of children that were permitted to visit with parents in Israel was limited to one child per day.

The law also prohibited a parent from allowing a child to visit more than two times a week.

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