Why kids don’t like reading to a child

In a recent study, parents in California found that when their children read to a kid who was reading to himself, he was more likely to stop.

But the problem is not limited to reading to yourself, and it’s not just reading to the right person.

When a child sees a stranger reading to him, they’re more likely than a friend or teacher to stop reading as well.

“What’s the harm in reading to your friends?” asked Jessica O’Connor, who led the study.

“We can’t know for sure that it’s the reading to other kids.

The more reading to us, the less we read.”

But the benefits of reading to others are worth it for children.

According to the Children’s Learning Center at the University of California, Los Angeles, reading to an adult can have “significant benefits” in terms of reading comprehension, language development, academic achievement, social development and social skills.

Kids are also more likely in reading terms to read in groups.

“You can’t read to kids when you have the social skills,” O’Conner told NBC News.

“They have to read to adults.”

The findings from this study also hold true for reading to non-reading peers, but only if you use the same language.

If you’re reading to someone who’s not the same age, it can be difficult to communicate your thoughts, even if you know what the other person is saying.

“Reading to someone other than a child can be challenging,” said O’Connell.

“When we’re talking to children, we need to be in control of how we speak, how we talk, what our tone is, and what our body language is.”

For children who have difficulty speaking, they need to read more, too.

In the study, which involved more than 30,000 children, O’Donnell and her colleagues focused on children between the ages of two and six, and found that children who were reading to themselves were more likely (by about 20 percent) to stop, read more and learn from their words more than those who were not reading.

The findings were published online earlier this year in the journal Pediatrics.

Researchers also looked at the effects of reading on non-verbal communication and social interaction.

The study found that reading to children increased their tendency to talk more, and their ability to interact with other children, and they were also more attentive.

“Children who read more are less likely to talk and interact with their peers and are less engaged in socializing,” Ockenberg said.

The researchers also noted that the study was a large, random sample and didn’t control for differences in language ability or socioeconomic status.

However, “a lack of language comprehension in children may be a barrier to engaging in reading,” the authors wrote.

“For children, reading is essential for socialization and for language development.”

Children are already reading more when they’re reading aloud to each other, and the research suggests that the more we read to each another, the more the brain works in tandem with the other.

“This means that we are more likely and more effective at working together,” Ollenberg said, “and this means we are better off with children as adults.”

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