When the Giants need a lead, they call a lead … now

NFL Network’s Joe Schad writes, “The Giants need to get a lead on quarterback Eli Manning.

They need to have a lead in this game.

There’s no point in having a lead because you don’t win games.”

It’s an assessment that could be applied to many of the teams in the AFC South and NFC East.

Manning has been a bit of a revelation in this league, and his play has been the reason for the Giants to be favored in this one.

They’ve had to start from the beginning to beat the Titans.

Eli is an elite quarterback and the Giants’ best chance to get back to the playoffs.

It’s just not going to happen.

Eli’s numbers are trending downward and his completion percentage is down.

He’s still a franchise quarterback and a big reason why they’ve won 11 playoff games in a row.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Giants respond to the Titans’ blitz-heavy approach to the game.

But if the Titans are able to shut down Manning for longer than 30 seconds, the Giants may be able to rally around a dominant quarterback.

The Titans have a ton of weapons at quarterback.

Marcus Mariota is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and his offensive line has been solid.

The Giants also have their two top wide receivers in Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard.

They also have tight end Charles Clay, who has had success running routes in the slot.

The defense has allowed a league-low 11 touchdown passes, which is a huge problem for the Titans, who have struggled to stop opposing quarterbacks all season.

If the Giants can get a touchdown out of their two best receivers, then they should be able get a victory.

And the Titans have played better defense than the Giants have in the past.

If Manning continues to play at this level, they could have a chance to win this game by three scores.

The first drive of the game will decide who wins.

And if they can get out of the first half with a lead after Manning’s first sack of the day, the game could go into overtime.

So that’s the goal.

The second drive will determine if Eli Manning has a chance of winning the game and, if he does, what it means for the playoff picture.

The third drive could decide if the Giants pull off a comeback.

And it could decide who is the best chance for a wild-card spot.

This game could have huge implications for the NFC East, which has a two-game lead in the division.

But the Giants are going to need their quarterback to come up with at least a 10-point win in order to get the division title.