How to raise kids in the digital age

Parents of young children are being encouraged to spend more time in the classroom with computers and tablets, and that includes their online education.

In the latest survey by the Pew Research Center, parents who use technology more frequently are now more likely than those who use it less often to report using digital devices in the home.

Pew also found that almost half of parents report using a digital device in their homes in the last year.

“In recent years, technology has become a central part of the life of parents,” said the study’s co-author, Dr. Catherine Kann, a professor of communication at the University of Washington.

Many parents have come to believe that they can do things with their kids that their parents can’t do, Kann said.

Parents also say that the technology allows them to be more involved in their kids’ lives, from socializing with them to learning about them.

The survey also found a growing trend among parents to use technology for learning, but the numbers have been declining.

The report, released Thursday, comes amid a push to encourage parents to spend time in classrooms with digital technology, a trend that has also seen a rise in children in online classes.

The Pew report found that half of Americans now say they have tried online classes with their children, up from 37 percent in 2013.

The new survey also revealed that nearly two-thirds of parents said they spend more than 10 hours a week with their family online.

About a quarter of parents also said they spent more than 20 hours a day online with their child.

More than half of those surveyed said they used technology to learn new skills, and half said they had used technology for self-expression.

A majority of parents have used technology with their own children, and nearly a third have tried it with a child, the survey found.

Among the new findings in the Pew report: More than a third of parents use their smartphones for video chatting.

Almost a quarter have used their iPads to take notes, while about a quarter use a tablet to do the same.

Nearly two-in-three parents said it was fun to see how their children look with a digital camera.

About one-third of parents reported that their children are now using the devices for educational purposes.

About a third report that they have done things with the devices that they couldn’t do when their children were young.

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