War Child Education in Alberta is not working as intended: report

A new report from Alberta’s Education Quality Commission shows Alberta’s War Child education program is not meeting expectations for the program’s quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

In a report released Thursday, the EQC says the province’s War-Child program is understaffed, underfunded and poorly managed.

The report highlights a number of concerns with the program.

The commission says its review found the program has not met its standards for effectiveness and efficiency and that the programs results are inconsistent with other provinces.

The EQD also said the province has not implemented the war-child education program’s mandatory reporting requirement and that its staff is under-resourced.

The Alberta government says it will continue to implement the program as mandated by the provincial legislation.

It says it is still evaluating the report and will take further action when necessary.

The government is also providing support to the war children program’s parents.

The province is also working with war child educators in Alberta to improve their skills, processes and training.