Why is the Dallas Cowboys not a top team in the NFC?

The Cowboys have never been the top team.

Not once.

The Cowboys haven’t been in the top five.

They’ve never been in a top 10.

They haven’t even been in top three.

They’ve never played for a playoff spot.

They have played a total of 13 games in the postseason.

They won their first Super Bowl in 2016.

They did it without the best offensive line in football.

And yet, there’s a chance they might win it all.

The Cowboys have won six straight games.

They are in the midst of a four-game winning streak, the longest active streak in the NFL.

And the Cowboys have played without a sack all season.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment.

But it has been overshadowed by the quarterback controversy, which has dominated headlines and sparked questions about how well the team’s quarterback play will be this season.

It’s a big-picture view of the NFL and how things are trending.

You look at the past, the present, and you look at where things are headed.

The quarterback controversy is a part of that, but the Cowboys, at least for now, have their work cut out for them.

They haven’t played a playoff game since their NFC championship game loss to the Atlanta Falcons in December of 2017.

But after that, it seemed like every win and every loss was the perfect storm for Dallas.

There was just one problem: the quarterback situation.

And that’s a huge problem.

The problem with the quarterback is, he is the one that is going to decide this year’s NFL championship game.

The team has had six quarterbacks since 2000.

Since then, only two have gone on to win Super Bowls: Carson Palmer and Matt Schaub in 2010 and Andy Dalton in 2014.

Schaub was a good quarterback but didn’t win the MVP.

Palmer was a really good quarterback, but not great.

Schaubs career was hampered by injury and off-field issues.

He was sacked three times in his first nine games.

In 2017, there were a lot of questions about whether or not the Cowboys were ready to go for the Super Bowl.

They were supposed to be the team to beat the Seahawks in the first round.

But that was a long time ago.

The team has gone through a lot since then.

It was a rebuilding project.

And now, they are in a very difficult spot.

So why is it so hard for the Cowboys to win?

First, the quarterback issue.

The offensive line.

The line is the most important piece of the puzzle for the offense.

But there are other pieces that make the Cowboys offense work.

That’s the case even if the offensive line doesn’t play a major role in the outcome of the season.

The defense is a bigger part of the equation.

But there’s also a deeper reason why the quarterback hasn’t been a huge part of their success.

It comes down to personnel.

The offense relies on the play-action pass.

It doesn’t have a ton of receivers.

But those receivers do a lot for the defense, especially with their size and speed.

The best receivers can create huge plays for the quarterback.

And when they get open, the quarterbacks have to make those plays.

It takes a special talent to be able to run a play-fake, get open in the slot and throw the ball in the air.

But the best quarterbacks aren’t going to be good enough.

And the Cowboys aren’t the best.

The best quarterbacks are great athletes and they can make plays.

But when they have to run the ball, they can’t.

They can’t get rid of the football quickly, and they often take big hits to the head and face.

So the Cowboys defense can’t always contain the running backs.

And they can get knocked off balance when they go to the line of scrimmage.

So while the offensive linemen are great, the receivers can’t make plays when the quarterback gets the ball.

That leaves the Cowboys running backs to do the heavy lifting.

The defensive line can help keep the defense off balance.

And it can give the defense a little bit of cushion.

But if the quarterback runs the ball a lot, the defense can get out in front of the offense and run the football down the field.

So the offensive tackles have to be a big part of a winning defense.

And, the defensive linemen, in turn, have to help make sure the quarterback can make the plays that are critical.

They are the ones who are going to make plays for you, they said.

But they have a lot to do.

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