Military Child Education Could Be a ‘Trojan Horse’ to ‘Trophy’ Military Children

Military child education programs are being used by the military as a Trojan horse for its own child development programs, and are being funded by the Pentagon and the Department of Education, according to an analysis of military and education documents released Thursday.

The documents detail the development of military child education (MCE) programs that were used as part of the US military’s military education mission in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the support of the Department.

According to the documents, military programs were funded by “a variety of sources, including military department funding, State Department funds, and foreign governments.”

The documents also show that many of these programs were not authorized by Congress.

While the documents do not reveal any specific names of the funding sources, the findings paint a picture of how the military used MCE programs to meet its own development goals, as well as other priorities, as the Pentagon was pushing for a new generation of US troops in Afghanistan and other foreign wars.

The document does not include details of the military’s use of military education to promote military training programs, but the Military Education Development Program (MEPDP) program was established in 2002.

It is intended to train young men and women in the use of US military equipment and technology to help them be ready for deployment to foreign conflicts.

The military and Education Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the documents.

In the documents the Military Training Program (MTP), created in 2003, was designed to help military trainers develop skills that would allow them to be deployed quickly to foreign wars, with some training programs even running from Christmas Eve until early January.

The MTP program has been touted as a model for future military training, with many military trainers using it as an example of how they can train their troops quickly for deployment.

But critics of the MEPDP program say it was a costly failure, with thousands of US soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries and training programs lasting years.

“These programs are a Trojan Horse for the Pentagon to make sure that their soldiers are deployed quickly, that they can be deployed into combat and that they don’t lose their ability to do basic physical and psychological things,” said Michael Boldin, senior counsel for the Center for Constitutional Rights at the Brennan Center for Justice.

“We should be focusing on how they are being managed, and we should be saying, ‘How do you manage the military?'”

Military child care, the document states, was a way to train soldiers in the basics of child care in order to help with their future deployment.

The Pentagon has long claimed that its child care programs have been successful and that children in the US Army are not required to participate in them.

But the documents reveal that the Army has funded MCE education for troops for years.

The Army is not the only source of funding for the military education programs.

The Department of Defense also runs a civilian program that is aimed at children in a variety of occupations, including child care workers, teachers, and medical assistants.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), which oversees the Army, does not identify the military schools it uses to provide the military with military child care.

However, it did say that it is an ongoing project and that its funding “is not dependent on any specific legislation.”

The military’s child care has been criticized for being costly, with estimates of over $3 million for the program.

According a 2013 report by the Government Accountability Office, nearly half of child development workers were paid less than minimum wage.

The OSD has also found that the military has a financial incentive to create the military child-care programs, as long as they are “successful,” meaning that they recruit and retain qualified workers.

But Boldin said that the Pentagon should be doing more to address the military-led child care that exists today.

“I think the military should be investing in things like child care because it is really, really important to the US,” he said.

“And when it comes to a child, it’s really important that you have a caregiver.”

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